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The PWP Initiative

People with Periods

Eradicating period poverty one box at a time


The People with Periods initiative has been running since July 2020, amidst the peak of the pandemic we spoke to our local community and developed a an initiative that catered to the needs of young people. Anthro Vision designs each wellbeing care package to ensure you experience a positive period, focusing on each area of the senses.

We are proud of the name of our initiative, and recognise we are the only organisation in the Enfield borough that caters for all people who menstruate. We are an inclusive and diverse community that is rewriting societies 'norm' by educating and empowering our youth and communities. 

Our initiative is available to those who specifically need support around period poverty in the Enfield borough, and surrounding areas. Please get in touch by sending us an email. 

All of our work is completed through fundraising and donations, if you would like to support or donate towards the initiative please do get in touch! 

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