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PWP Testimonals

People with Periods

Since 2020 we have supported young people in and surrounding the local community of Enfield. Our PWP initiative aims to eradicate period poverty by sending out essential items to those most in need. 


"This box is magic, legit like Disney." - YP 21

"A free initiative that helps my daughter you have no idea how helpful this really is. And as community members its unreal." - Parent

"Living in a hostel period poverty is real. And i can focus on buying food." - YP 18

"Thank you this is amazing for the community and will help my twins." - Guardian

"This is an amazing project and came in handy for my granddaughter. This is something that can be sold but you're giving items and care for free to people in the community." - Guardian

"I needed personal care and found you on google. I was amazed that you exist and youre inclusive." -YP 23

If you would like to support out work please send us an email -

We appreciate all support no matter how big, or how small.

To request a wellbeing care package please send us an email so we can provide you with a referral form.

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