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'Never be limited by other peoples limited imaginations'
Dr. Mae Jemison


Anthro Vision is all about creating unity in the community, with a commitment to ensure no one is left behind or written out of the narrative to believe and achieve. We strive to create an inclusive culture where everyone is welcome, making positive changes and impact. By empowering and strengthening communities to ensure they can thrive, develop positive well-being and skills in order to manoeuvre through society without barriers.

Our vision is to give the communities we work with the confidence to make informed choices in their lives, acquire fundamental life skills as well as influence their curiosity to learn and pursue their aspirations. And if we don't know the answers, we will support or signpost you to organisations and specialists who do.

We strive to go above and beyond to promote empowering environments so each person can embrace who they are without fear of judgement or scrutiny. Looking holistically at the whole picture to promote positive well-being, the vision is simple, we want to be the change to see the change in our society.


Uplifting and thriving together to embed Unity in the Community. We work pan London but predominantly in the Enfield borough.

Meet The Team

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